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Terms of Use: By accessing, viewing, or using the material on the NDBN Member Portal, you indicate that you understand that all information contained in this website is intended for use only by NDBN member diaper bank programs in good standing and is not to be shared outside of the network. You also agree that any information you enter into the portal, unless otherwise indicated, may be accessed by NDBN staff for use in program development and measurement of network efficacy. Additionally, other NDBN member diaper banks may access your basic contact information and program description for the purpose of facilitating better network communication and cooperation. NDBN has established this member portal specifically to benefit NDBN member diaper bank programs. Unauthorized use or dissemination is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of portal privileges.

By entering information about your program, you are attesting to the veracity of the Information provided. Information provided by diaper banks is not verified independently by NDBN, however, entering information that is demonstrably and materially untrue could result in sanction and restriction of portal privileges.