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New NDBN Member Profile Preview

New NDBN members begin as Exploring Members. The profile below illustrates the benchmarks that all applicants demonstrate to become members.  Access to additional member profiles and benchmarks is limited to members only.





We are a nonprofit organization - 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or fiscally sponsored, or run by a religious organization.
We signed a NDBN member agreement which conveys our shared values and commitments to our communities and other members.
We have a mission statement that aligns with NDBN’s mission.
We have a governing structure in the form of a board of directors or advisory committee.
We have begun a strategic planning process (at least a draft, SMART goals, or logic model).



  We have a basic operations manual that describes the process for working with recipient clients or agencies and demonstrates program alignment with your organization’s mission and goal.
  We serve at least 20 unduplicated individuals monthly.
  We have storage space exclusively for diapers is dry and secure.
  We have established a set process for enrollment and data collection from recipient individuals and agencies. For direct providers: We have an application or intake form other than sign-in sheet. If partnering with agencies: We provide an application and/or agreement.
  We utilize a basic inventory system to account for receipt and distribution of diapers and other items.



We have a basic fundraising plan with goals and activities.
We have begun working in at least two development activity areas, in addition to collecting diapers.
We provide receipts for all donations.
We employ basic accounting practices, including a financial recording method and  have a bank account used exclusively for program funds.
We have created a basic budget for the diaper program.



 We actively raise awareness about diaper need.
We agree to represent NDBN, extending branding and messages, and we understand how to properly do so.
We have begun working in at least two advocacy activity areas.
   New Members are required to provide three letters from community based organizations that can provide reference to the applicant organization’s work to date in the local context of diaper need and existing community efforts.


.The above benchmarks must be demonstrated by applicants in order to be eligible for membership.


  • Interested organizations complete an online form as part of the application process in order to demonstrate their readiness to join the Network.

  • NDBN staff is available to answer questions and provide advice as well as templates and resources to applicant organizations striving to meet the benchmarks.We understand that new diaper programs are working hard to serve their communities, and that meeting the benchmarks for membership may take some time. 

  • All new members join NDBN as Exploring Members. Membership dues are prorated quarterly for the first year. No member is required to demonstrate benchmarks beyond the Exploring Member profile, but those that do may be invited to access additional resources and opportunities. 

  • We encourage you to stay in touch with the program staff via email at [email protected].