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The Alliance for Period Supplies is an initiative of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN)-- a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization recognized as the foremost authority on diaper need in America. NDBN leads a national movement aimed at meeting the basic needs of individuals in need. 

Launched in May 2018, with the support of founding sponsor U By Kotex®, the Alliance for Period Supplies is comprised of Allied Programs that collect, warehouse and distribute period supplies in local communities.

Allied Programs are independently operated nonprofit organizations. Each serves as a trusted community resource and advocates for women, children, and families who struggle to afford material basic needs. 


The Alliance for Period Supplies, a program of the National Diaper Bank Network, helps ensure that individuals in need have access to essential period products required to fully participate in daily life. Our mission is to:

  • Raise awareness of the millions of individuals living in poverty who miss out on daily life because they lack access to period supplies.
  • Support the nationwide development and expansion of community-based period supply initiatives capable of providing a reliable supply of period products to individuals in need.
  • Distribute period supplies and funding to community partners/community-based period supply initiatives.
  • Advocate for legislative changes to make period supplies more accessible and affordable, regardless of income. 



Period supply programs are created over time, when organizations regularly engage in activities to collect, store and distribute period products for free to individuals struggling to afford them.

Some programs regularly collect and provide menstrual products directly to the people who need them. Other programs warehouse and distribute menstrual products through community-based agencies that are already working with individuals experiencing poverty. Both direct service and partner agency models have limits and opportunities. However, all of these programs are committed to supplying period supplies in an ongoing and consistent manner.



Organizing period supply drives is a great way to raise awareness about period poverty and will help you create a stream of donations to distribute. Raising awareness, however, is just the first step to building a community asset that's reliable and sustainable. If you are interested in developing a permanent program for your community, getting started is as easy as requesting technical assistance and resources.  Send us a request.


Organizations and action teams interested in joining the Alliance for Period Supplies should consider APS service areas and the benefits of becoming an Allied Program.

Service Areas

Poverty pervades every region of the U.S. There are many towns and cities in need of a period supply program. Before you begin, it is important – mostly for the community in need – that you reach out to any existing Allied Programs near the area you plan to serve. APS commits to helping its members grow through smart and sustainable planning. Sometimes this includes regional expansion, though it may look like our efforts have yet to pay off. Whenever possible, we would love to help you contribute your skills and talents to an existing APS project.

Allied Program Benefits

Allied programs of the Alliance for Period Supplies are part of a nationwide movement, supported by the national organization.  Each program is eligible to receive donated period products through the Alliance for Period Supplies and its founding sponsor U by Kotex. However, local community support is vital to ensuring that each allied programs is recognized as a sustainable resource for their respective community.

As an Allied Program, your organization becomes eligible for exclusive benefits, including:

  • offers to receive donated period products from APS and its sponsors, including founding sponsor U by Kotex.
  • access to technical assistance provided by the Alliance for Period Supply staff.
  • discounted registration at the National Summit on Period Leadership.
  • opportunities to engage in collaborative research projects, including training and evaluation.
  • requests to unite in advocacy and lobbying efforts, including meetings with local, state and national elected leaders.
Application Requirements

Requirements for membership is as follows: 

  • 501(c)(3) status, or fiscal sponsorship 
  • There is no existing APS member in your service area 
  • 1 letter of recommendation 
  • Organization must be actively collecting & distributing period supplies free of charge
Application for Membership

If your organization has begun a period supply program and you have not yet inquired about membership, we’d love to hear from you: Request application information.

  • APS staff will reach out to qualifying organizations with an invitation to apply.


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