NDBN Member Benchmarks for Applicants

Every NDBN member can demonstrate best practices and milestones. We call these benchmarks and group them in four key areas:

  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Fundraising and Finance
  • Advocacy

Benchmarks in each of the key areas align under four network profiles. The network profiles chart the progress of our members who are striving to have a greater impact on their communities. Grouping members this way allows NDBN to determine which resources will be most useful to your organization and your local community network.

  • Exploring Members
  • Emerging Members
  • Sustaining Members
  • Change Leaders

Interested organizations and applicants can learn about the benchmarks to be demonstrated here: .

Exploring Member Benchmarks

Members can update their benchmarks and more whenever it's convenient for them.

Since every NDBN member is different and faces unique challenges and opportunities, member network support is customized to match your culture, resources and needs.  There are four benchmark surveys, one for each key area, that help NDBN create strategies to assist members. 

  • The surveys will reflect your organization's philosophy and approach for reducing diaper need.
  • The benchmarks you have not yet demonstrated are just as telling as those you have; they are opportunities to become a more sustainable community asset, and they indicate areas where NDBN network assistance can help.
  • The resulting report produces a set of best practices and policy statements that you can share with your team.

We welcome your feedback and we're happy to discuss benchmarks and network profiles. For more information about membership, please contact us at [email protected].