About Membership

Recognition as a member of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) holds more value than ever before for community-based diaper bank programs in the United States. 

In October 2016, NDBN professional staff and diaper bank leaders from around the country began a year-long journey to reimagine, redesign, and beneficially change what it means to be a member of the Network.

The outcome of these efforts is a new NDBN member-network model that is focused on leadership, accountability and impact. 

Together we are:

  • Adopting national standards for best practices among nonprofit diaper bank programs in the United States.
  • Implementing the first member-to-service matching tool that supports member programs and the expansion of community-based systems that eliminate or reduce diaper need among families living in identified service areas.
  • Linking local and national data to demonstrate the impact of diaper distribution programs for improving the physical, mental and economic well-being of children and families.


NDBN membership includes our proprietary member portal. This members-only platform allows NDBN members diaper bank programs and staff to communicate and share resources more efficiently than ever before.

The member portal has transformed NDBN’s ability to develop robust programmatic resources and to provide strategic technical assistance, including the delivery of individualized resources and support designed to help you the most.

Many of the valuable services provided to NDBN member programs are available only through the NDBN member portal. The general public and non-NDBN members do not have open access to select NDBN materials.

Annual membership support is matched with your diaper bank program’s new Network Service Profile. These Network Profiles are based on information your organization provided in the Benchmark Assessment Questionnaire.

NDBN Member Dues:

Exploring Members


Emerging Members


Sustaining Members


Change Leaders



NDBN sets the standard for best practices among nonprofit diaper bank programs in the United States. NDBN members in good standing receive:

Certification of membership for online and on-site display
Authorization to use NDBN’s logo and branded materials
Inclusion in the NDBN Member Directory
Exclusive access to the member portal, professional resources, and opportunities for your community to reduce diaper need.


NDBN educates its members regarding child poverty and basic needs. Members receive training to provide outreach and education to the general public and national leaders. We coordinate and unite efforts state-by-state and nationally to advocate on behalf of children in need of diapers and other basic needs. Member opportunities include access to:

  • NDBN’s national fundraising, public relations, relief and advocacy activities.
  • Workshops and programs including the Diaper Banks in America Conference and NDBN Lobby Day
  • Tools and support to lead your city and state activities and events during NDBN’s annual Diaper Need Awareness Week.
  • Collaboration with NDBN and other local diaper banks on research opportunities.
  • Training to become a leading advocate on diaper need, basic needs and/or poverty-related issues in your community, city, state and country.
  • Research opportunities on diaper need , including support for diaper banks to work toward quantifying their economic impact.
  • National experts who are available for local speaking engagements, onsite visits or commentary.


NDBN programs deliver professional development opportunities to help you increase your nonprofit capacities. NDBN professionals are available every day to provide assistance and connect you to available resources to help you may build your nonprofit leadership and management capacity.  Member opportunities include access to:

  •  Educational opportunities, professional training, webinars;
  • Individualized consultation on program, fundraising, communication and policy;
  • Vital data that has been aggregated and evaluated, so the diaper bank community and those beyond can better understand its collective impact;
  • Invitations to work with regional and national retailers, bringing diaper need into consumer facing spaces;
  • Sample forms and templates, program materials and assessment tools created by NDBN;
  • Resource development services, such as diaper drive kits and custom grant searches; and,
  • NDBN’s Funds for Change grants, ranging from $2,500 – $10,000.


NDBN helps connect you to other nonprofit, business, and community leaders through advocacy, information sharing, and our member network. By creating regional and national connections, NDBN can help you find like-minded nonprofits with similar models and missions –and insight to share!  Member opportunities include access to:

  • NDBN’s community forums and email lists of special interest to diaper banks and programs;
  • Members-only registration fee rates at the annual Diaper Banks in America Conference;
  • Corporate donations of basic needs products made available through NDBN;.
  • Expertise and material resources for emergency response in communities impacted by natural disasters.
  • Pathway2Provide, a proprietary diaper purchasing program developed in partnership with Huggies, that enables members to develop and maximize strategies to sustain and build capacity; and.
  • Resources to serve as a community leader in advocacy and organizing efforts. As more and more people seek to join our effort, NDBN members will lead the way.