NDBN Member Network

NDBN is a national network or organizations working to end diaper need, period poverty, and lack of access to material basic necessities in the US. The National Diaper Bank Network is comprised of over 200 diaper banks, programs and pantries that work to assist people who cannot afford diapering supplies by collecting and distributing the products needed.  Partnering with more than 3,500 neighborhood-based nonprofit organizations, NDBN diaper banks help strengthen communities by supporting anti-hunger programs, health initiatives and early education.  Learn more at the NDBN website.

About Membership

NDBN sets the standard for best practices among diaper bank programs and provides professional resources, technical assistance, and opportunities for communities to reduce diaper need. Members receive timely information regarding child poverty and basic needs, as well as training to provide outreach and education to the general public and national leaders.

New Programs and Exploring Applicants

Alliance for Period Supplies

The Alliance for Period Supplies is NDBN’s national program focused on ending period poverty in the U.S. Working in local communities, Allied Programs help raise awareness about period poverty; collect, store and distribute period products to help individuals living in poverty; and advocate for public policy solutions.

Allied Program Portal